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The Early Church Fathers

The Fathers of the Church are the early Church's great personalities and "are also teachers of the faith for us today and witnesses of the perennial timeliness of the Christian faith."

Pope Benedict XVI gave us catecheses on:

  Ambrose of Milan - Anselm - Athanasius - Augustine of Hippo

  Basil - Bede the Venerable - Bernard of Clairvaux

  Clement of Alexandria - Clement of Rome - Cyprian - Cyril of Alexandria - Cyril of Jerusalem

 Ephrem the Syrian

  Gregory the Great - Gregory Nazianzus - Gregory of Nyssa

  Hilary of Poitiers

  Ignatius of Antioch - Irenaus of Lyons - Isidore of Seville

  Jerome - John Chrysostom - John Damascene

  Leo the Great

  Maximus the Confessor - Maximus of Turin

  Origen of Alexandria

  Paulinus of Nola - Peter Damian - Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite