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Journey to Freedom

John Pridmore is a former London East End gangster turned Christian who now travels internationally speaking about how his life has changed (eg he spoke at World Youth Day Sydney in 2008). On this podcast John gives monthly updates about his journeys, stories about the people he meets along the way and the goodness of God in all things.

Many thanks to Paul Jisung Kim for the gift of his music (the appropriately titled track Shore to Shore).

You can subscribe to this podcast / download the free mp3s here on itunes or here from Totus2us's web feed; plus, you can download individual mp3 recordings by right clicking where you see this diamond 

John has just been on tour in the US and Italy, and most recently in the UK, speaking at 2 Young Offenders Institutes, a seminary & 12 secondary schools. His biography, From Gangland to Promised Land is now in 5 languages & his new book, Journey to Freedom, was published in 2011.

Become vulnerable like the Child Jesus       ♦

4 - December 2011

"As we approach Christmas and the birth of Jesus, who humbled himself to come to us as a helpless child and entrusted himself into the safe arms of Our Lady, I am reminded that every time I feel down or crushed by the difficulties and pressures of life, I can go to Our Lady and ask her to hold me in her arms and it is there we can always find the peace and strength that we all need."

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Do you live your life for Jesus Christ?      

3 - November 2011

"I will never forget a sermon I heard from Fr John Armitage who said unless we are willing to be converted every single day we are spiritually dead. A wise friend of mine once asked me what is the most important thing we can do with our lives? I replied that he was much older and wiser than me what did he think it is? He said "To bring as many souls as possible to God, starting with our own." It was the best advice I ever received."

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Everything has its time and season with God      

2 - October 2011

"One thing that God has been showing me recently is that everything has its time and season with him, we never know when God's grace will kick in. ... After World Youth Day in Sydney I shared my story in a secondary school there and only now over three year later one of the students contacted me saying that the words I spoke had made a deep impact on him and that he had a spiritual yearning and he was looking to come closer to God. Again Gods timing is not our timing but he waits patiently to work in a persons soul."

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Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed      

1 - September 2011

Walsingham and Youth 2000, mission at Drumoghill in Co Donegal, Ireland & a retreat on Healing the Wounds from our past.       

John has just published his 3rd book, Journey to Freedom.

His other 2 books (written with Greg Watts) are:

From Gangland to Promised Land (his autobiography & bestseller)

and Gangster's Guide to God.

Ruth (from the Totus2us team) is currently working on trying to get Journey to Freedom into bookshops; please contact her, if you'd like to know more (here's the AI)