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Words of Hope

Talks given by Father Dominic Faure around the world.

Originally from France, Father Dominic has for many years been giving retreats to Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity around the world. Having received a deep philosophical, theological and contemplative formation, he has taught at university in Texas, USA, looked after AIDS orphans in India and, for the last 8 years, been based in New Zealand with the Catholic Discipleship College. He is moving to America on 25th March with the community Verbum Spei.

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The Magnificat      
Sharing in Mary's Joy - Talk 2

"“His mercy is from age to age on those who fear him”. One condition is that this joy of receiving mercy, this joy of discovering how unique we are for Christ implies first of all this fear and therefore this poverty of those who know that everything in them depends on God, that everything in them depends on the transcendence of God. The fear of God is not a fear at the level of justice, it’s a fear of the source without whom we cannot be anything, we cannot do anything. It’s a good fear, the fear of those ultimately who are afraid of losing the presence of their source. It’s a fear of sin but more than this, it’s the fear of being cut from our source which is a holy fear and ultimately the fear linked to pure love, the fear of displeasing our source, the fear of hurting the heart of God. So it’s a fear coming from littleness, the fear of knowing that without God I cannot do anything, without God I cannot be anything. It’s a good fear and therefore the fear of being lost without Him. And then, when there is such a fear in us, fear is the beginning of wisdom, then we can be truly open to his merciful love because there is no pride in us. Pride is pretending that I can stand be myself. No. In front of God none of us can stand by ourself, we can only stand because of His merciful love."

[Talk 46 mins, given in January 2019]

Sharing in Mary's Joy      
Talk 1

"So the first dimension of the joy of Christ: to be in the Father, from the Father, turned towards Him and that’s the Prologue of the Gospel of John. And the second dimension of the joy of Christ is a joy towards us and there there are many, many moments in the Gospel where we see that, especially in St Luke, all the parables on mercy …. It’s a joy of giving. I was going to say thanks to the Incarnation and the Redemption, Jesus can manifest and experience in his humanity a new joy, the joy of giving. As a Son his joy is first of all to receive and as a Son Incarnate Redeemer it is also the joy of giving, giving mercy, giving mercy, giving mercy. The joy of receiving from the source and the joy of becoming also a source for us."

[Talk 46 mins, given in January 2019; background noises better after 5 mins!]


"The prayer of Jesus was eminently a prayer of dependence. We say that fundamentally prayer for us is first of all adoration, where we recognise our dependence on our Creator, we give thanks for this dependence and, within this radical dependence, Jesus wants to lead us to another type of dependence which is the dependence of friend on his friend and through that the dependence of the son on his Father, in the most absolute sense. It means that the prayer of Jesus was, yes, a prayer of desires, a prayer in a radical way of a Son depending and needing the response and the love of his Father."

[Talk 50 mins, given in January 2019]