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Saint Thomas More

Martyr; Husband & Father, Lawyer & Lord Chancellor
7 February 1478 – 6 July 1535; from England
Beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1886;
Canonised, with John Fisher, by Pope Pius XI on 19 May 1935.
Declared the 'heavenly patron of statesmen & politicians' by Blessed John Paul II in  2000, in his Apostolic Letter E Sancti Thomae Mori
Feast Day - 22 June

John Pridmore picked Thomas More as his Incredible Saint: "I had watched the film, Man for All Seasons, and I was very inspired by his honesty and his openness to God, and where he was willing to give his life for the truth. I love the scene where his best friend, the Duke of Norfolk, comes to him and asks him to sign the Act of Succession, which would save his life, for friendship's sake. And he says to the Duke of Norfolk, 'When we get to heaven and you're allowed to stay because you've done your conscience and I'm going to hell because I haven't done my conscience, would you take my hand and come to hell with me for friendship's sake?' I really felt that was where someone was willing to stand up, against even his friends, for truth and for Christ."     


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3 2us on Ss Thomas More & John Fisher by Mgr Keith Barltrop: "They were in no sense narrow-minded men; they were part of what was really called a humanistic revival of the Renaissance, they were very open to new ideas, which made it so tragic that they had to give their lives for a new ideas which they couldn't accept, that is the supremacy of the king over the Church of England and the complete alteration of the Catholic faith. Blessed Newman, who was beatified last year by Pope Benedict, spoke eloquently about the way Catholic teaching and life develops over the years, but he stressed that while it is continually growing it doesn't mutate from one thing to another, so the whole art of discernment is seeing if this new development that is taking place, is this enriching our Catholic faith?"