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Psalm 147 (147B)

The renewal of Jerusalem
Come, and I will show you the bride that the Lamb has chosen (Rev 21, 9)

O praise the Lord, Jerusalem!
  Sion, praise your God!

He has strengthened the bars of your gates
  he has blessed the children within you.
He established peace on your borders,
  he feeds you with finest wheat.

He sends out his word to the earth
  and swiftly runs his command.
He showers down snow white as wool,
  he scatters hoar-frost like ashes.

He hurls down hailstones like crumbs.
  The waters are frozen at his touch;
he sends forth his word and it melts them:
  at the breath of his mouth the waters flow.

He makes his word known to Jacob,
  to Israel his laws and decrees.
He has not dealt thus with other nations;
  he has not taught them his decrees.