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Psalm 34 (35)

The Lord is a Saviour in time of persecution
They united in making plans to arrest Jesus by treachery and have him put to death (Mt 26, 3,4)

O Lord, plead my cause against my foes;                                      I
  fight those who fight me.
Take up your buckler and shield;
  arise to help me.

O Lord, say to my soul:
‘I am your salvation.’

But my soul shall be joyful in the Lord
  and rejoice in his salvation.
My whole being will say:
  ‘Lord, who is like you
who rescue the weak from the strong
  and the poor from the oppressor?’

Lying witnesses arise
  and accuse me unjustly.
They repay me evil for good;
  my soul is forlorn.

When they were sick I went into mourning,                                   II
  afflicted with fasting.
My prayer was ever on my lips,
  as for a brother, a friend.
I went as though mourning a mother,
  bowed down with grief.

Now that I am in trouble they gather,
  they gather and mock me.
They take me by surprise and strike me
  and tear me to pieces.
They provoke me with mockery on mockery
  and gnash their teeth.

O Lord, how long will you look on?                                                III
  Come to my rescue!
Save my life from these raging beasts,
  my soul from these lions.
I will thank you in the great assembly,
  amid the throng I will praise you.

Do not let my lying foes
  rejoice over me.
Do not let those who hate me unjustly
  wink eyes at each other.

O Lord, you have seen, do not be silent,
  do not stand afar off!
Awake, stir to my defence,
  to my cause, O God!

Let there be joy for those who love my cause.
  Let them say without end:
‘Great is the Lord who delights
  in the peace of his servant.’
Then my tongue shall speak of your justice,
  all day long of your praise.