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Psalm 49 (50)

True reverence for the Lord
"I have not come to abolish the Law but to bring it to perfection" (cf Mt 5, 17)

The God of gods, the Lord,
  has spoken and summoned the earth,
  from the rising of the sun to its setting.
Out of Sion’s perfect beauty he shines.
  Our God comes, he keeps silence no longer.

Before him fire devours,
  around him tempest rages.
He calls on the heavens and the earth
  to witness his judgement of his people.

‘Summon before me my people
  who made covenant with me by sacrifice.’
The heavens proclaim his justice,
  for he, God, is the judge.

‘Listen, my people, I will speak;
  Israel, I will testify against you,
for I am God, your God.
  I accuse you, lay the charge before you.

‘I find no fault with your sacrifices,
  your offerings are always before me.
I do not ask more bullocks from your farms,
  nor goats from among your herds.

‘For I own all the beasts of the forest,
  beasts in their thousands on my hills.
I know all the birds in the sky,
  all that moves in the field belongs to me.

‘Were I hungry, I would not tell you,
  for I own the world and all it holds.
Do you think I eat the flesh of bulls,
  or drink the blood of goats?

‘Pay your sacrifice of thanksgiving to God
  and render him your votive offerings.
Call on me in the day of distress.
  I will free you and you shall honour me.’

But God says to the wicked:
  ‘But how can you recite my commandments
  and take my covenant on your lips,
you who despise my law
  and throw my words to the winds?

‘You who see a thief and go with him;
  who throw in your lot with adulterers,
who unbridle your mouth for evil
  and whose tongue is plotting crime,

‘you who sit and malign your brother
  and slander your own mother’s son.
You do this, and should I keep silence?
  Do you think that I am like you?

‘Mark this, you who never think of God,
  lest I seize you and you cannot escape;
a sacrifice of thanksgiving honours me
  and I will show God’s salvation to the upright.’