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Psalm 67 (68)

The Lord's triumphal journey
“When he ascended on high he led captivity captive, he gave gifts to men” (EPH 4, 8)

Let God arise, let his foes be scattered.
  Let those who hate him flee before him.
As smoke is blown away so will they be blown away;
  like wax that melts before the fire,
  so the wicked shall perish at the presence of God.

But the just shall rejoice at the presence of God,
  they shall exult and dance for joy.
O sing to the Lord, make music to his name;
  make a highway for him who rides on the clouds.
  Rejoice in the Lord, exult at his presence.

Father of the orphan, defender of the widow,
  such is God in his holy place.
God gives the lonely a home to live in;
  he leads the prisoners forth into freedom:
  but rebels must dwell in a parched land.

When you went forth, O God, at the head of your people,
  when you marched across the desert, the earth trembled:
the heavens melted at the presence of God,
  at the presence of God, Israel’s God.

You poured down, O God, a generous rain:
  when your people were starved you gave them new life.
It was there that your people found a home,
  prepared in your goodness, O God, for the poor.

The Lord gives the word to the bearers of good tidings:
  ‘The Almighty has defeated a numberless army
and kings and armies are in flight, in flight
  while you were at rest among the sheepfolds.’

At home the women already share the spoil.
  They are covered with silver as the wings of a dove,
its feathers brilliant with shining gold
  and jewels flashing like snow on Mount Zalmon.

The mountains of Bashan are mighty mountains;
  high-ridged mountains are the mountains of Bashan.
Why look with envy, you high-ridged mountains,
  at the mountain where God has chosen to dwell?
  It is there that the Lord shall dwell for ever.

The chariots of God are thousands upon thousands.
  The Lord has come from Sinai to the holy place.
You have gone up on high; you have taken captives,
  receiving men in tribute, O God,
  even those who rebel, into your dwelling, O Lord.

May the Lord be blessed day after day.
  He bears our burdens, God our saviour.
This God of ours is a God who saves.
  The Lord our God holds the keys of death.
And God will smite the head of his foes,
  the crown of those who persist in their sins.

The Lord said: ‘I will bring them back from Bashan;
I will bring them back from the depth of the sea.
Then your feet will tread in their blood
and the tongues of your dogs take their share of the foe.’

They see your solemn procession, O God,
  the procession of my God, of my king, to the sanctuary:
the singers in the forefront, the musicians coming last,
  between them, maidens sounding their timbrels.

‘In festive gatherings, bless the Lord;
  bless God, O you who are Israel’s sons.’
There is Benjamin, least of the tribes, at the head,
  Judah’s princes, a mighty throng,
  Zebulun’s princes, Naphtali’s princes.

Show forth, O God, show forth your might,
  your might, O God, which you have shown for us.
For the sake of your temple high in Jerusalem
  may kings come to you bringing their tribute.

Threaten the wild beast that dwells in the reeds,
  the bands of the mighty and lords of the peoples.
Let them bow down offering silver.
  Scatter the peoples who delight in war.
Princes will make their way from Egypt:
  Ethiopia will stretch out her hands to God.

Kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, praise the Lord
  who rides on the heavens, the ancient heavens.
He thunders his voice, his mighty voice.
  Come, acknowledge the power of God.

His glory is on Israel; his might is in the skies.
  God is to be feared in his holy place.
He is the Lord, Israel’s God.
  He gives strength and power to his people.
Blessed be God!