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Psalm 9B (10)

"Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God" (Lk 6, 20)

Lord, why do you stand afar off
  and hide yourself in times of distress?
The poor man is devoured by the pride of the wicked:
  he is caught in the schemes that others have made.

For the wicked man boasts of his heart’s desires;
  the covetous blasphemes and spurns the Lord.
In his pride the wicked says: ‘He will not punish.
  There is no God.’ Such are his thoughts.

His path is ever untroubled;
  your judgement is far from his mind.
  His enemies he regards with contempt.
He thinks: ‘Never shall I falter:
  misfortune shall never be my lot.’

His mouth is full of cursing, guile, oppression,
  mischief and deceit under his tongue.
He lies in wait among the reeds;
  the innocent he murders in secret.

His eyes are on the watch for the helpless man.
  He lurks in hiding like a lion in his lair;
he lurks in hiding to seize the poor;
  he seizes the poor man and drags him away.

He crouches, preparing to spring,
  and the helpless fall beneath his strength.
He thinks in his heart: ‘God forgets,
  he hides his face, he does not see.’

Arise then, Lord, lift up your hand!
  O God, do not forget the poor!
Why should the wicked spurn the Lord
  and think in his heart: ‘He will not punish’?

But you have seen the trouble and sorrow,
  you note it, you take it in hand.
The helpless trusts himself to you;
  for you are the helper of the orphan.

Break the power of the wicked and the sinner!
  Punish his wickedness till nothing remains!
The Lord is king for ever and ever.
  The heathen shall perish from the land he rules.

Lord, you hear the prayer of the poor;
  you strengthen their hearts; you turn your ear
to protect the rights of the orphan and oppressed:
  so that mortal man may strike terror no more.