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Psalm 9A (9)

Thanksgiving after victory
"He will come again to judge the living and the dead.”

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart;
  I will recount all your wonders.
I will rejoice in you and be glad,
  and sing psalms to your name, O Most High.

See how my enemies turn back,
  how they stumble and perish before you.
You upheld the justice of my cause;
  you sat enthroned, judging with justice.

You have checked the nations, destroyed the wicked;
  you have wiped out their name for ever and ever.
The foe is destroyed, eternally ruined.
  You uprooted their cities; their memory has perished.

But the Lord sits enthroned for ever.
  He has set up his throne for judgement;
he will judge the world with justice,
  he will judge the peoples with his truth.

For the oppressed let the Lord be a stronghold,
  a stronghold in times of distress.
Those who know your name will trust you;
  you will never forsake those who seek you.

Sing psalms to the Lord who dwells in Sion.                                 II
  Proclaim his mighty works among the peoples,
for the Avenger of blood has remembered them,
  has not forgotten the cry of the poor.

Have pity on me, Lord, see my sufferings,
  you who save me from the gates of death;
that I may recount all your praise
  at the gates of the city of Sion
  and rejoice in your saving help.

The nations have fallen in the pit which they made,
  their feet caught in the snare they laid.
The Lord has revealed himself, and given judgement.
  The wicked are snared in the work of their own hands.

Let the wicked go down among the dead,
  all the nations forgetful of God;
for the needy shall not always be forgotten
  nor the hopes of the poor be in vain.

Arise, Lord, let men not prevail!
  Let the nations be judged before you.
Lord, strike them with terror,
  let the nations know they are but men.