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Psalm 63 (64)

A prayer against enemies
“This psalm in particular invites us to think about the passion of the Lord” (St Augustine).

Hear my voice, O God, as I complain,
  guard my life from dread of the foe.
Hide me from the band of the wicked,
  from the throng of those who do evil.

They sharpen their tongues like swords;
  they aim bitter words like arrows
to shoot at the innocent from ambush,
  shooting suddenly and recklessly.

They scheme their evil course;
  they conspire to lay secret snares.
They say: ‘Who will see us?
  Who can search out our crimes?’

He will search who searches the mind
  and knows the depths of the heart.
God has shot them with his arrow
  and dealt them sudden wounds.
Their own tongue has brought them to ruin
  and all who see them mock.

Then will all men fear;
  they will tell what God has done.
They will understand God’s deeds.
  The just will rejoice in the Lord
and fly to him for refuge.
  All the upright hearts will glory.