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God the Father and Creator

Pope St John Paul II gave us catechesis on 'God the Father' at the Wednesday general audiences between March 1985 & August 1986. They were the first part of JPII's catechesis on the Creed, following on from a short series on Catechesis and preceding those on Jesus Christ, Son & Saviour.

There are 60 catecheses in this cycle:
Links included for the texts in Italian, Spanish (& a few Portuguese) on the Vatican website.

Revelation and Faith

 1.    One can know God by the natural light of human reason
 2.    God who reveals Himself is the source of our faith
 3.    Jesus is the definitive fulfillment of the Revelation of God
 4.    The Holy Spirit constantly perfects our faith so that Revelation may be better understood   
 5.    Through Faith Man accepts the truths contained in God’s Revelation 
 6.   The Transmission of divine Revelation 
 7.   Divine inspiration of Sacred Scripture
 8.   The light of Revelation in the Old Testament 
 9.   The New Testament is a perpetual and divine witness to Christ 
10   Relations with Non-Christian Religions 
11   The Problem of unbelief and atheism  
12   Faith rooted in the Word of God   
13   Faith is the stimulus to work for the union of Christians   

The Existence and Nature of God

14    The right attitude before God
15    The proofs for God’s existence
16    Scientists and God
17    The God of our faith
18    God who reveals Himself is He who exists
19    The God of Infinite Majesty
20    Man contacts God in the obscurity of faith
21    God, the fullness of life, is Spirit, immense and invisible 
22    God is eternity
23    God the Almighty Father   
24    The God of the Covenant   
25    Faith culminates in the truth that God is Love 

4. The Blessed Trinity

26    The one God is the ineffable & most Holy Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit      
27    God is the Father of all Humanity   
28    Christ reveals the Father’s countenance to us  
29    Christ is the Son of the living God   
30    The Church professes her faith in God the Son      
31    Through Christ, the Spirit guides us to the Father   
32    The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son 
33    Unity and distinction in the eternal communion of the Trinity  
34    Distinction of relations in the Trinity   
35    The Thrice Holy God  
36    The moral law is identified with the will of God   

5. God the Creator

37    The Mystery of Creation  
38    God the Creator of Heaven and Earth  
39    In creation God calls the world into existence from nothingness 
40    Creation is the work of the Trinity 
41    Creation reveals God’s glory   
42    Created things have a legitimate autonomy
43    Man is created in the image of God   
44    Man is a spiritual and corporeal being 
45    Man is a subject of knowledge and freedom 

6. Divine Providence

46    Faith in divine Providence strengthens our reasons for hope 
47    Divine Providence continues to care for creation   
48    Divine Providence carries out an eternal plan of wisdom and love 
49    Divine Providence and human freedom   
50    The Mystery of predestination in Christ   
51    The Presence of evil and suffering in the world 
52    In Jesus the Redeemer, divine Providence overcomes evil 
53    Divine Providence in the light of Vatican II 
54    Divine Providence and the growth of the Kingdom of God  

7. The Angels

55    Creator of all things, seen and unseen  
56    Creator of the angels who are free beings  
57    Creator of things unseen — the Angels 
58    Angels participate in the history of salvation   
59    The Fall of the rebellious angels   
60    Christ’s victory conquers evil