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Somethings about Mary in July 2016

Many, many thanks to ... for giving their 'something' about Mary this month.

This statue of Our Lady with baby Jesus is in the Franciscan convent of Seissen in Germany.

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Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd July 2016:

"Dear children, My real, living presence among you should make you happy because this is the great love of my Son. He is sending me among you so that, with a motherly love, I may grant you safety; that you may comprehend that pain and joy, suffering and love, make your soul live intensely; that I may call you anew to glorify the Heart of Jesus, the heart of faith, the Eucharist. From day to day through the centuries, my Son, alive, returns among you - He returns to you, though He has never left you. When one of you, my children, returns to Him, my motherly heart leaps with joy. Therefore, my children, return to the Eucharist, to my Son. The way to my Son is difficult, full of renunciations, but at the end, there is always the light. I understand your pains and sufferings, and with motherly love I wipe your tears. Trust in my Son, because He will do for you what you would not even know how to ask for. You, my children, you should be concerned only for your soul, because it is the only thing on earth that belongs to you. You will bring it, dirty or clean, before the Heavenly Father. Remember, faith in the love of my Son will always be rewarded. I implore you, in a special way, to pray for those whom my Son called to live according to Him and to love their flock. Thank you."

2nd July - Amelia      

"Our Lady is our first mother."

Amelia, who's 8, is from Argentina & Holland.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović, Medjugorje, 25 July 2016:

"Dear children! I am looking at you and I see you lost; and you do not have prayer or joy in your heart. Return to prayer, little children, and put God in the first place and not man. Do not lose the hope which I am carrying to you. May this time, little children, every day, be a greater seeking of God in the silence of your heart; and pray, pray, pray until prayer becomes joy for you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

“Queridos hijos! Los miro y los veo perdidos, y no tienen oración ni alegría en el corazón. Hijitos, regresen a la oración y pongan a Dios en el primer lugar y no al hombre. No pierdan la esperanza que les traigo. Hijitos, que este tiempo sea para ustedes, buscar cada día más a Dios en el silencio de su corazón y oren, oren, oren hasta que la oración se convierta en alegría para ustedes. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Vi guardo e vi vedo persi, e non avete ne la preghiera ne la gioia nel cuore. Ritornate, figlioli, alla preghiera e mettete Dio al primo posto e non l'uomo. Non perdete la speranza che vi porto. Figlioli, questo tempo sia per voi ogni giorno cercare Dio sempre più nel silenzio del vostro cuore e pregate, pregate, pregate fino a che la preghiera diventi gioia per voi. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”