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Somethings about Mary in November 2014

Many, many thanks to Abrehet, Adrian, Ann, Anne, Anthony, Ben, Bernadette, Bernadette, Clare, Comfort, Cristina, Daisy, David, Emet, Felix, Fiorella, Father Francisco, Hugh, Janice, Judy, Kelly, Kevin, Lizzie, Maria, Maria, Sister Monica, Paola, Father Richard, Rita & Veda for giving their 'something' about Mary this month.

This painting of the Madonna & Child is in Rome.

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1st November - Feast of All Saints - Veda      

"Mary is our mother and the more we give our life to Jesus and come to her, she brings us straight to Jesus. She never praises herself, she never gives glory to herself. Mary is full of humility from the word go, when the angel came to her and said she's to be the mother of Jesus. … I love Mary, even in my weakness."

Veda is from Ireland.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd November 2014:

"Dear children, I am with you with the blessing of my Son, with you who love me and who strive to follow me. I also desire to be with you who do not accept me. To all of you I am opening my heart full of love and I am blessing you with my motherly hands. I am a mother who understands you. I lived your life and lived through your sufferings and joys. You who are living the pain understand my pain and suffering because of those of my children who do not permit the light of my Son to illuminate them; those of my children who are living in darkness. This is why I need you - you who have been illuminated by the light and have comprehended the truth. I am calling you to adore my Son so that your soul may grow and reach true spirituality. My apostles, it is then that you will be able to help me. To help me means to pray for those who have not come to know the love of my Son. In praying for them you are showing to my Son that you love Him and follow Him. My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just, are here; you who strive to say your prayers with the heart; you who offer your pain and suffering to my Son; you who comprehend that life is only a blink; you who yearn for the Kingdom of Heaven. All of this makes you my apostles and leads you towards the victory of my heart. Therefore, my children, purify your hearts and adore my Son. Thank you."

2nd November - Feast of the Holy Souls - Adrian      

"Mary is the mother of my vocation."

Adrian is from Bristol in England.

3rd November - Ann      

"I’m here to praise the Blessed Mother for all the gifts, plenty, plenty gifts that she has showered on me and on everybody that call upon her. I pray that she touch every one of us. She is a real Mum that we don't appreciate in this world."

Ann is from Goa in India.

4th November - Feast of St Charles Borromeo - Rita      

"For me, Mary is all, the most precious thing that I’ve ever cherished. She’s done so much for me, she’s rescued me so many times."

Rita is from Nigeria.

5th November - Paola      

"Our Lady is the best and I always count on her - even in difficulties and also with good things."

Paola is 23 & from Spain; she gives her response in English & Spanish.

6th November - Ben      

"Mary is our mother and she is the one that I feel that I can pray to very easily. Yes, she is the mother of us all."

Ben is from Bristol in England.

7th November - Judy      

"Mary means a great deal to me as she’s the mother of Jesus."

Judy is from Cornwall.

8th November - Lizzie      

"Without Mary being the mother of Jesus we have nothing to share. I call her name, I do the rosary every day."

Lizzie is from Nigeria.

9th November - Janice      

"I sympathise with what Our Lady went through as I pray to her every day and every night. Amen."

Janice is from London.

10th November - Feast of St Leo the Great - Anne      

"We're going to get into heaven holding Our Lady's hand and hanging onto a rosary!"

Anne is from Ireland.

11th November - Bernadette      

"Our Lady has always been a special part of my life. She is the mother of all mothers .. she is the perfect symbol to me of motherhood, of kindness, of generosity, of love, and she just means the world to me and the Mother of my Lord, and how much more special could she be!"

Bernadette is from London.

12th November - Anthony      

"I want to thank Our Lady for guiding me through my life and for all my blessings."

Anthony is 24 & from Donegal in Ireland.

13th November - David      

"I love Mary."

David is from England

14th November - Abrehet      

"Who is Our Lady for me? Our Lady for me is my heavenly mother and I share everything about my life with Our Lady. She's always there for me, lovingly listening to whatever I have to tell her and silently giving me comfort and love. Thank you, Mama."

Abrehet, originally from Eritrea, now lives in London &, after giving her something about Mary in English, recites the Hail Mary in Tigrinya.

15th November - Feast of St Albert the Great - Clare      

"Anybody who's listening who might wonder what it is about Mary, it's just 'come and see', as it says in Scripture, and she will be your mother and your best friend and she will never leave you."

Clare is from England.

16th November - Feast of St Gertrude the Great - Kevin      

"Growing up, I remember Our Lady to being a very sacred figure, from seeing her in church, in statues, in ornaments and I always felt almost intimidated by her, because she seemed so grand. But growing up I've realised that she's completely the opposite of that: she's very caring and she's very friendly. "

Kevin is 22 & from London.

17th November - Feast of St Elizabeth of Hungary - Daisy      

"Our Lady gives me great power and strength to go about my daily life so she means a great deal to me and I love her dearly."

Daisy is 20 & from London.

18th November - Emet      

"Our Lady means a lot to me, a lot."

Emet is from the Philippines.

19th November - Cristina      

"Our Lady is the way, the path, to go to God, and always the hand we have to hold if we want to live our lives in purity and chastity."

Cristina is 24 & from Spain; she gives her response in English & Spanish.

20th November - Sister Monica      

"As a Montfort sister, our devotion is to Jesus through Mary.  As a Christian, it's Jesus Christ we believe in, the Eucharist, that is our belief, that is our faith. And while we struggle on earth we need help and there's nobody greater for me than the Mother of God."

Sister Monica is from Trinidad.

21st November - Feast of the Presentation of Mary - Maria      

"For me, Our Lady can be summarized only by one word, the word is 'Mother'. And in the word mother comes everything that is holy and good in the world, like tenderness, love, care, protection, courage, smile, love, love, love, love. So, she's pure love for me, I belong absolutely and totally and utterly to her and she lives in my heart.

Para mí, la Virgen se puede resumir en una palabra, la palabra es Madre."

María Vallejo-Nágera, from Madrid, is a writer; her most recent book "De María a María" was published in Spain yesterday.

22nd November - Fiorella      

"Mary is important to me because my research work and my campaigning work take me to some very dark places and the foot of the Cross is a very lonely place to me. But Mary was there first and she reminds us that we're never alone, even in the darkest moments."

Fiorella De Maria is a Catholic writer & researcher from England.

23rd November - Feast of St Clement of Rome - Hugh      

"I think that Mary is important because when Jesus was born, she was there with Jesus."

Hugh is 8 & from England.

24th November - Felix      

"I have been to see the Virgin Mary so many times in Medjugorje."

Felix is from the Philippines.

25th November - Father Francisco Javier      

"I always knew that she was first of all the Mother of God and secondly my mother, but I think this is an experience that everybody should develop with a very personal relationship with her. And it has been a growing experience in realising how close she is to my life and my vocation. I think the period of my life when I really got to know her was just before my ordination .. I really experienced that she was very, very alive, very present, she was very interested in my priesthood and in my sanctity, in my holiness, as a job that I cannot do on my own."

Father Francisco Javier Oseguera LC is from Mexico & today celebrates the 10th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Happy, blessed anniversary, dear Father Francisco Javier!

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović on 25 November:

“Dear children! In a special way, today I am calling you to prayer. Pray, little children, so that you may comprehend who you are and where you need to go. Be carriers of the good news and be people of hope. Be love for all those who are without love. Little children, you will be everything and will achieve everything only if you pray and are open to God’s will – to God who desires to lead you towards eternal life. I am with you and intercede for you from day to day before my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“Queridos hijos! De modo especial hoy los invito a la oración. Oren, hijitos, para que comprendan quiénes son y a dónde deben ir. Sean portadores de la Buena Nueva y gente de esperanza. Sean amor para todos aquellos que están sin amor. Hijitos, podrán ser y realizar todo solamente si oran y están abiertos a la voluntad de Dios, a Dios, que desea conducirlos a la vida eterna. Yo estoy con ustedes e intercedo día tras día por ustedes ante mi Hijo Jesús. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Oggi in modo particolare vi invito alla preghiera. Pregate, figlioli, per comprendere chi siete e dove dovete andare. Siate portatori della Buona Novella e uomini di speranza. Siate amore per tutti coloro che sono senza amore. Figlioli, sarete tutto e realizzarete tutto soltanto se pregate e se siete aperti alla volontà di Dio, Dio che desidera guidarvi verso la vita eterna. Io sono con voi e di giorno in giorno intercedo per voi davanti a mio Figlio Gesù. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

26th November - Father Richard      

"With Mary, in the heart of the communion of the Church, we find really what it is to be mothered by the mother of Christ, to be a child of Mary, to be a brother, a sister, of Jesus her divine Son."

Father Richard Biggerstaff, from England, is the director of the St Barnabas Society & today is his birthday - Happy Birthday, dear Father Richard! Here's wishing you a very blessed year ahead, full of grace.

27th November - Feast of St Catherine Labouré - Comfort      

"Our Lady is just wonderful and protective to all of us. Amen."

Comfort is from Ghana.

28th November - Kelly      

"I love Our Lady because she, like me, is a mum and I can totally sympathise with what she went through. I pray to God I would never have to go through anything like that but, yeh, she's a mum and she helps me keep going as a mum."

Kelly is from England.

29th November - Maria      

"I love you, Mama, I love you. Mary is my Mama, my Mama."

Maria is from Peru & gives her something about Maria in English & Spanish.

30th November - 1st Sunday of Advent - Bernadette      

"Who Mary is for me: devoted mother of Jesus. .. When I’m feeling down and I just ask Mary to put her arms around me, I feel comforted."

Bernadette is from Scotland.