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Somethings about Mary in April 2012

Many, many thanks to Carmeline, Cecily, Sister Chinedum, Dominique, Graziano, Joanna, José, Katharina, Maria-Teresa, Marica, Mariella, Mark, Milka, Muriel, Nagham, Nicholas, Philip, Pierre Louis, Sheila, Siobhan, Steve, Veronica & William for giving their 'something' about Mary.

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Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Međugorje, 2nd April 2012:

"Dear children, As the Queen of Peace, I desire to give peace to you, my children, true peace which comes through the heart of my Divine Son. As a mother I pray that wisdom, humility and goodness may come to reign in your hearts – that peace may reign – that my Son may reign. When my Son will be the ruler in your hearts, you will be able to help others to come to know Him. When heavenly peace comes to rule over you, those who are seeking it in the wrong places, thus causing pain to my motherly heart, will recognize it. My children, great will be my joy when I see that you are accepting my words and that you desire to follow me. Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Give me your hands and I will lead you. Do not forget your shepherds. Pray that in their thoughts they may always be with my Son who called them to witness Him. Thank you."

8th April - Easter Sunday - Graziano      

"The Blessed Virgin Mary is the link between heaven and earth.

Per me la Beata Vergine Maria è il nodo tra cielo e terra."

Graziano is from Italy.

9th April - Easter Monday - Carmeline      

"I love Mother Mary so much and she has given me a lot of gifts and a lot of kindness; whatever I've asked her, she has given me. She has really given me many things in my life."

Carmeline is from India; she gives her something about Mary in English & Konkani.

10th April - Easter Tuesday - Joanna       

"I love Our Lady so much. I still feel like the disobedient teenager that doesn't pay her enough attention, but she is always there for me."

Joanna is 32 & from Scotland.

11th April - Easter Wednesday - Mark       

"Mary to me is my mother. She's also the most powerful of intercessors. Every morning, I go through the names of all of my family, praying to Mary, asking her to lift them up to the Lord for me."

Mark is 34 & from England.

12th April - Easter Thursday - Sister Chinedum       

"When Angel Gabriel came to Mary, saying 'You will conceive', the mother of Our Lord took it quietly and pondered it in her heart; she took it as the will of God that way. So, really, Mother Mary, is a role model to my life. So that's why, wherever I'm going, I carry the rosary with me."

Sister Chinedum, from Nigeria, is a sister with the Holy Family Sisters.

13th April - Easter Friday - William       

"The Mother of God is a mother to me; she's a mother to all human beings. Christ came to me through the Mother of God so I and we all should go to God through his Holy Mother. Praise God for God's humility in coming down to Mary's humility. Praise God for Mary's humility in rising up to the greatness of being the sinless Mother of God."

William is from the United Kingdom.

14th April - Easter Saturday - Siobhan      

"Mary brings so much into our walk with Christ: she is a mother, she brings the femininity, she brings the softness, she's just incredible. I have really felt my whole walk with Jesus deepen through knowing her, through allowing her into my heart, through committing my life, my walk with God through Christ to be led by Mary."

Siobhan is from the UK.

15th April - Divine Mercy Sunday - Pierre-Louis       

"Our Lady is for me the greatest teacher to follow the path to holiness. I see in her the perfection of God into mankind; she was the closest creature to her Son. I like to follow her guidance about how to reach holiness through the 5 stones, which are: prayer through the rosary, reading of the Bible, monthly confession, fasting and attending Holy Mass as often as possible.

En Marie, je vois la créature parfaite que Dieu a créé et en elle également la plus grande, la meilleur enseignante pour suivre la voix mène à la sainteté. J'aime à suivre son instruction à travers les cinq pierres, qui sont: la prière avec le rosaire, la lecture de la Bible, la confession mensuelle, le jeûne et l'assistance à la Messe le plus souvent possible."

Pierre-Louis is from France / Benin.

16th April - Dominique       

"I pray to the Lady of Lourdes so I will find may be peace in my heart and to my family and to everyone I love. I wish that the world will be better than it is now and I wish the best for all people, without any discrimination of faith or skin. We are living in very tough times and I hope that people will put a little love in their hearts, and that they will see further than just before them."

Dominique is from Corsica.

17th April - Maria-Teresa       

"For me, Mother Mary is our mother of all of us Christians and of mankind; she is the mother of Jesus Our Lord and she guides us to him. She takes care of us during our lifetime in this world, and we can always come to her to ask her for her help when we are troubled, when we have doubts, when we are going down with temptation, in all the very difficult situations we can call on her to help us because she wants our salvation to come in the communion of the Trinity: with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And she's a mother who cares the whole time for us and takes care of us, so we can call on her whenever we want and we must trust in her to help us."

Maria-Teresa is from Portugal; she gives her algo sobre Maria in English & Portuguese.

18th April - José       

"Mary, she has taught me how to offer things in my life - that's one of the things that I really appreciate about her. Because she was the first one to believe and she was living with Jesus the secret of his divinity and especially in very difficult times, for example at the Cross, Mary was with Him and how did she live this? She offered everything to God. My mum taught me that as a child and she taught me that everything that happens in my life, I have to offer it. For me, this was very helpful because when I was a child I suffered a bit because I have haemophilia ... My mum always taught me how to offer all the pain to the Cross of Jesus; that there is a mystery, right, but we can get closer to the Cross, because Mary she did it in the first place."

José is 31 & from Chile.

19th April - Philip       

"To me the Blessed Virgin Mary has wonderful perseverance and patience, which to me is marvellous and helps me in my religion. She is a real mother to me."

Philip is from Nigeria.

20th April - Nicholas       

"Mary is the Mother of Our Lord obviously and that means a great deal, that she said when faced with the angel, 'Be it done unto me according to thy word', makes me realise how much she trusted in Our Lord and how much we should. And I also look at her as the forlorn, devastated mother who lost her son, and then that makes me realise how much she took on her shoulders, how much it must have hurt her and what a strength and inspiration that should be to us."

Nicholas is from England.

21st April - Feast of Saint Anselm - Cecily       

"Mary is very important for me in my daily life. I've experienced many miracles she has done; I've been on many pilgrimages to Our Lady, and I've seen people around me being healed, if only a little, in the soul or their body. I pray to her to help me with my prayers for God, Jesus, and I feel her presence in many days and I like to pray to her."

Cecily is 20 & from Germany; she gives her verrückt nach Maria in English & German.

22nd April - Muriel       

"Mary to me has a special meaning in the Hail Mary because I say 'pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.' And we never know when that's coming so I always feel that every day Mary's praying for me and that keeps me going."

Muriel is from London.

23rd April - Mariella       

"I think Mary is important for me because she's my Patron Saint and I've always looked up to her because she's my name sake as well. My mum named me after her because she's important and because she's always there for Jesus and she's there for us and for me."

Mariella is 12 & from London.

24th April - Marica       

"Mary, she's there for me every day."

Marica is from London.

25th April - Katharina       

"Mary is for me a mother, she is a friend. I can always come to her, I don't have to be at church, I can just walk on the streets of London and talk to her. I know she's always there and she always listens. When I have a problem, she's the person I turn to. When I have a good day or I want to share something happy with her, I always come to her to say thank you for being there always for me."

Katharina is half German, half Polish; she gives her coś o Maryi in English & Polish.

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović, 25 April 2012:

"Dear children! Also today I am calling you to prayer, and may your heart, little children, open towards God as a flower opens towards the warmth of the sun. I am with you and I intercede for all of you. Thank you for having responded to my call."

"Cari figli! Anche oggi vi invito alla preghiera e ad aprire il vostro cuore verso Dio, figlioli, come un fiore verso il calore del sole. Io sono con voi e intercedo per tutti voi. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata."

"¡Queridos hijos! También hoy los invito a la oración y a que su corazón, hijitos, se abra a Dios como una flor hacia el calor del sol. Yo estoy con ustedes e intercedo por todos ustedes. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

26th April - Steve       

"First and foremost, Mary was a mother, and I think a mother's love is what the world needs more and more. That for me is what's so important about Mary. When I think about Mary, it's a mother's unconditional love, and fortitude in the face of good times, bad times. I think that's something we all need."

Steve is from England.

27th April - Veronica       

"My Lady is like a very wise, lovely person with a massive coat; there's a German song, a hymn, where it says 'Mary, spread your coat so we can all seek shelter underneath it.' This is exactly the picture I have of Our Lady: she is ever-forgiving, very patient and very, very big with a massive coat."

Veronica is from Germany; she gives her verrückt nach Maria in English & German.

28th April - Feasts of St Louis-Marie de Montfort & St Gianna Beretta Molla - Milka       

"I think Mama Mary to me is like bringing my family together when we pray, especially the rosary … Anywhere we go, she's there with us because she's our universal mother."

Milka is 18 & from the Philippines.

29th April - Vocation Sunday - Sheila       

"I am a mother and I try to emulate some of Mother Mary's virtues as a mother: patience, kindness, love, a lot of faith in God. And she helps me in being a mother, in being a child of God, through her intercession."

Sheila is from the Philippines.

30th April - Nagham       

"Mary, she's everything in my life. She has always supported me and I can't live without praying the rosary, and showing her how much I love her, and showing Jesus Christ how much he is more than my Saviour."

Nagham is from Iraq & gives her شيء حول ماري in English & Arabic.