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Somethings about Mary in December 2013

Many, many thanks to Ariele, Bridget, Casey, Catherine, Christiana, Erica, Geraldine, Soeur Honorine, Isaiah, Joseph, Malo, Maria, Maria, Marie-Pierre, Sister Marlena, Martinho, Mary, Patricia, Patrick, Rosario, Rushika, Salud Garcia, Sarah, Sarah & Stephen for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This statue of Our Lady was brought to the Church of St Benedict in Rome to be venerated on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

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If you'd like to give Our Lady a metaphorical bunch of flowers by saying your something about Mary, please, pretty please, do contact the Totus2us team.

1st December - 1st Sunday of Advent - Marie-Pierre      

"Partie de la mort de ma mère, je voulais vraiment avoir une mère et une mère qui me quitterait jamais, parce que j’ai perdu ma mère à l'âge de douze ans. Et la Vierge est devenue pour moi cette mère qui me quitte jamais."

Marie-Pierre is from Congo-Kinshasa & gives his quelque chose de Marie in French & Lingala.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd December 2013:

"Dear children, with a motherly love and a motherly patience I am looking at your ceaseless wandering and how lost you are. That is why I am with you. I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself, so that, then, you would be able to recognise and to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly and wholeheartedly. My children, the Father comes to be known through the cross. Therefore, do not reject the cross. Strive to comprehend and accept it with my help. When you will be able to accept the cross you will also understand the love of the Heavenly Father; you will walk with my Son and with me; you will differ from those who have not come to know the love of the Heavenly Father, those who listen to him but do not understand him, those who do not walk with him – who have not come to know him. I desire for you to come to know the truth of my Son and to be my apostles; that, as children of God, you may rise above the human way of thinking and always, and in everything, seek God’s way of thinking, anew. My children, pray and fast that you may be able to recognise all of this which I am seeking of you. Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you."

2nd December - Isaiah      


Isaiah is from Mozambique & gives his response in Portuguese.

3rd December - Feast of St Francis Xavier - Stephen      

"Mary, the Mother of God, is a beautiful woman who needs no other thing said about her. What a wonderful, wonderful person!"

Stephen is from Glasgow in Scotland.

4th December - Feast of St John Damascene - Maria      

"Mother Mary is the mother of Jesus."

Maria is from the Philippines.

5th December - Sister Marlene      

"For me, Our Lady is a good person for me, like a mother. I can say to her to intercede to her beloved son in a special way. .. If I ask something, help from Our Lady, she is the one person to guide my life to her beloved son. She is a very good person. I can have confidence in her."

Sister Marlene is from Kerala in India and, after giving her something about Mary in English, sings Ave Maria in Malayalam.

6th December - Feast of Saint Nicholas - Malo      

"Mary is our mother. Mary is the Mother of Mercy. To Jesus with Mary! And I am glad to share the Divine Mercy in Holland because I know the Lord is asking us to spread his mercy with Mary. Ave Maria."

Malo is from the Divine Mercy Apostolate in the Netherlands.

7th December - Feast of Saint Ambrose of Milan - Sister Honorine      

"J'aime beaucoup la Vierge parce qu'elle est la Mère de l'Eglise. C'est elle la première qui a aimé Jésus, qui a obéi à la volonté de Dieu. Si nous avons un sourire, c'est grâce à Marie. Marie est notre mère, elle est toujours près de nous, elle intercède pour nous auprès de son fils. Merci. Cette maman, elle nous écoute, elle vient toujours à notre secours, elle est notre maman et elle toujours là, près de nous."

Sister Honorine is from DR Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) and gives her something about Mary in French & Lingala.

8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary - Ariele 

"For me, the Madonna represents the goodness, the love, warmth and the tender care of life. 

Per me la Madonna è l'amore, la gentilezza, i colori e la bontà della vita"

Ariele is from Italy (but works in Germany).

9th December - Feast of St Juan Diego - Salud      

"Our Lady of Guadalupe, of Mexico City, is my lady. I love her.  

Creemos en la Virgen de Guadalupe, Madre de Jesucristo."

Salud is from Mexico.

10th December - Feast of Our Lady of Loreto - Rosario      

"La Madonna .. è la Mamma che veramente ci apre le braccia, ci vuole bene, ci perdona, .. ci accompagna, .. è un po indescrivibile dire quello che fa per noi."

Rosario is from Italy & gives her qualcosa su Maria in Italian.

11th December - Maria      


Maria is from Poland & gives her response in Polish.

12th December - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Sarah      

"Mary is just my mother, she’s always protecting me and just guiding me, wherever I need to go. I always know when I'm in the right place because Mary guides me there."

Sarah is 20 & from the USA.

13th December - Casey      

"To me Mary is always there for comfort, when I need her she’s there to guide me and help me with whatever I need."

Casey is 20 & from the USA.

14th December - Feast of St John of the Cross - Rushika       

"The most powerful experience I have of Our Lady is when my grandmother passed away and we were keeping vigil all night reciting the Hail Mary, and it just touched so many people. We kept my grandmother in prayer and it just kept us so strong. Mary is a strong and powerful and graceful woman, that I think every woman can aspire to be like. And that kept us going for 24 hours, throughout the night, and it was the most beautiful experience. Even in the sadness, we had that light of Our Lady shining."

Rushika is 21 & from Sri Lanka.

15th December - Martinho      

"Saint Mary is the Mother of Jesus. She had grace, right, grace to be the Mother of Jesus."

Martinho is from Mozambique and gives his response in English & Portuguese.

16th December - Patrick      

"The Bible says that Mary was highly blessed and highly favoured."

Patrick is from London.

17th December - Geraldine      
O Sapientia - O Wisdom, you came forth from the mouth of the Most High, and reaching from beginning to end, you ordered all things mightily and sweetly. Come, and teach us the way of prudence.

"Something about Mary for me is that she brings victory of goodness over evil and of life over death. She brings us to God, and she is close to God and to us."

Geraldine is from London.

18th December - Bridget      
O Adonai - O Lord & Ruler and Ruler of the house of Israel, you appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush, and on Mount Sinai gave him your Law. Come and with outstretched arm redeem us.

"Mary is my biggest role model, better than any of the celebrities that all the kids look up to these days, because Mary really helps guide you everywhere you go, and leads you closer to Jesus, her son."

Bridget is 21 & from the USA.

19th December - Mary      
O Radix Jesse - O Root of Jesse, you stand for the ensign of all mankind; before you kings shall keep silence and to you all nations shall have recourse. Come, save us, and do not delay.

"Well I’ve always devotion to Our Lady and to the rosary, because .. we always said the rosary, every night at home. We’ve great devotion to Our Lady, always. She's one of my best friends. When I’m down and out, I look up and see the Sacred Heart picture and then His Mother."

Mary is from Ireland.

20th December - Erica      
O Clavis David - O Key of David, Scepter of the house of Israel, you open and no man closes; you close and no man opens. Come, and deliver him from the chains of prison who sits in darkness and in the shadow of death.

"Mama Mary is the mother of Jesus, without her we’re not going to be saved. Mama Mary is one of the blessings that I've received in my life. Because of her, Jesus is going to be born and Jesus is our Saviour."

Erica is 20 & from the Philippines.

21st December - Joseph      
O Oriens - O Rising Dawn, Radiance of the Light eternal and Sun of Justice; Come, enlighten those who sit in darkness & the shadow of death.

"Our Lady is my mother and I go to her every time I am in need of something. I feel her guidance all the way."

Joseph is from Malta & gives his something about Mary in English & Maltese.

22nd December - 4th Sunday of Advent - Catherine      
O Rex Gentium - O King of the Gentiles, Desired of all, you are the cornerstone that binds two into one. Come, and save poor man whom you fashion out of clay.

"One of the things that Our Lady has helped me to understand and that I cherish most about her life and her example is in thinking about how she accepted to become the mother of our Saviour, how she allowed the incarnation to come about within her. What a wonderful example she is to us now, of how we are to allow God's word to become incarnate in us, how she was the first woman to let God be fully alive on earth, invisible to others, and how she is the example to us now to carry on this work of the incarnation, and to help and to share in the whole work of allowing God to be fully alive in our midst on earth now."

Catherine is from England but lives in Rome.

23rd December - Christiana      
O Emmanuel - O Emmanuel, our King and Lawgiver, the Expected of the nations and their Saviour: Come, and save us, O Lord our God.

"Whenever we’re in difficulty and we pray fervently to God through Our Lady, we always receive a solution, and that is why I'm always in love with her, going to her statue, going to pray to her, everyday. I encourage people to try her: nobody goes to her and comes back empty handed. I love Our Lady."

Christiana is from Nigeria.

24th December - Christmas Eve - Sarah      

"Mary for me is everything that's gentle and soft and loving and kind in the world. I think that's where I feel her the most, in everything that is feminine and beautiful and calm, and I think she really paves the way to prepare us for the love of God."

Sarah is from London.

25th December - Christmas Day - Patricia      

"This year Our Lady has really taken me under her wing in the most incredible way, so she really is my mother."

Patricia is from Tanzania.

Our Lady's annual message to Jakov Colo in Medugorje, Christmas 2013:

"Little children, today in a special way, Jesus desires to come to dwell in each of your hearts and to share with you your every joy and pain. Therefore, little children, today in a special way, peer into your hearts and ask yourselves if the peace and joy of the birth of Jesus have truly taken hold of your hearts. Little children, do not live in darkness, aspire towards the light and towards God’s salvation. Children, decide for Jesus and give Him your life and your hearts, because only in this way will the Most High be able to work in you and through you."

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović on Christmas Day:

“Dear children! I am carrying to you the King of Peace that He may give you His peace. You, little children, pray, pray, pray. The fruit of prayer will be seen on the faces of the people who have decided for God and His Kingdom. I, with my Son Jesus, bless you all with a blessing of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

“Queridos hijos! Les traigo al Rey de la Paz, para que El les dé su paz. Ustedes, hijitos, oren, oren, oren. El fruto de la oración se podrá ver en los rostros de las personas que se han decidido por Dios y su Reino. Yo, con mi Hijo Jesús, los bendigo a todos con la bendición de la paz. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Vi porto il Re della pace perché Lui vi dia la Sua pace. Voi, figlioli, pregate, pregate, pregate. Il frutto della preghiera si vedrà sui volti delle persone che si sono decise per Dio e per il Suo Regno. Io con il mio figlio Gesù vi benedico tutti con la benedizione della pace. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”