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Somethings about Mary in July 2018

Many, many thanks to ... for giving their 'something' about Mary this month.

This beautiful statue of Our Lady with baby Jesus is at St Mary's University in Twickenham, London.

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1st July - John      

"For me Our Lady is everything. Since I was as young as I can remember I've always looked on Our Lady as someone special in my life."

John is from Grenada.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd July 2018:

"Dear children, I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. I know that you seek me and that is why I am praying to my Son for you, my Son, who is united with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit - the Paraclete - my Son who leads souls to the Kingdom from where He came, the Kingdom of peace and light. My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good. You, with pure and simple souls comprehend - even if sometimes you do not understand the words - and within yourselves you feel what the truth is. My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one. By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony. Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbours. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbours, and to give yourself to them. Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity. Thank you, apostles of my love."

2nd July - Lucy      

"Our Lady brought me back to the faith because the Legion of Mary came to visit me and gave me some miraculous medals which I hung up in my flat and she has been so important in my faith life."

Lucy is from the UK.

3rd July - Patrick      

"To me Mary is obviously the Mother of Jesus and our mother, and probably the best person to go to when you want to get closer to Jesus. Her intercession is very powerful and she'll always lead you back on the right path."

Patrick is from Australia.

4th July - Feast of Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati - Christine      

"I think Mary is everything, as St John Paul II would say 'Totus Tuus', and we're all hers and she's all ours, for ever. It's a beautiful thing!"

Christina is from the United States. She promotes the message of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati - visit the US website to learn much more about this martyr of love who is so needed in our time.

5th July - Sam      

"I really came to Mass today to pray for myself and to pray for the people in my life and I think the Virgin Mary can intercede on my behalf."

Sam is 25 & from West Ealing in London.

6th July - Feast of St Maria Goretti - Ella      

"I’ve started recently trying to pray the rosary every day and that’s been my way of kind of, when I kind of lose myself with prayer a bit and feel like I'm falling away from it. So Mary for me is always my way back into a regular prayer routine. She means a lot to me and I love praying the rosary - it's my favourite thing to pray!"

Ella is 20 & from Hertfordshire in England.

7th July - Brother Rosario Joseph Mary      

"Let us place the Immaculate of Mary in the centre of everything we do because in the Immaculate of Heart of Mary we will find the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

Brother Rosario Joseph Mary is a Marian Franciscan from England.

8th July - Maryanna      

"Our Lady is our mother. She likes loves everyone."

Maryanna is 12 and from Bristol in England.

9th July - Feast of St Veronica Giuliani - Milagros      

"Mary is the mother of Jesus .. I am asking the blessing of her son."

Milagros is from the Philippines.

10th July - Alexis      

"I think Our Lady is our mother. What I really like about her is … she’s caring and gentle, and she’d talk like one of your best friends, she’d listen to you. .. She’d be like your own mother on earth. I love her, she loves me, I know."

Alexis is 14 and from Kent in England.

11th July - Feast of St Benedict - Andrei      

"Ever since I was a child I have had this devotion to Our Lady, because of my family, and I have been accustomed to seeing her as my mother and a mother who will lead me to Jesus, who is my brother. And Our Lady will actually bring me to my faith more closely and makes it richer."

Andrei is 18 & from the Philippines.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović, Medjugorje, 25 July 2018

"Dear children! God called me to lead you to Him because He is your strength. That is why I am calling you to pray to Him and to trust in Him, because He is your refuge from every evil that lurks and carries souls far from the grace and joy to which you are all called. Little children, live Heaven here on earth so that it will be good for you; and may the commandments of God be a light on your way. I am with you and I love you all with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call."

“Queridos hijos! Dios me ha llamado para guiarlos a Él, porque Él es su fortaleza. Por eso los invito a orarle y a confiar en Él, porque Él es su refugio ante todo mal que está al acecho y aleja las almas de la gracia y de la alegría a las que han sido llamados. Hijitos, vivan el Paraíso aquí en la Tierra para que estén bien, y que los Mandamientos de Dios sean luz en su camino. Yo estoy con ustedes y los amo a todos con mi amor maternal. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Dio mi ha chiamata per condurvi a Lui, perché Lui è la vostra forza. Perciò vi invito a pregarLo e a fidarvi di Lui, perché Lui è il vostro rifugio da ogni male che sta in agguato e porta le anime lontano dalla grazia e dalla gioia alle quali siete chiamati. Figlioli vivete il Paradiso qui sulla terra affinché stiate bene e i comandamenti di Dio siano la luce sul vostro cammino. Io sono con voi e vi amo tutti con il mio amore materno. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata."