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Somethings about Mary in December 2012

Many, many thanks to Alessandro, Alexy, Alison, Father Benjamin, Claire, Colleen, Ella, Monsignor Francesco, Father Francis, Francis, Frederique, Hannah, Marco, Maria-Teresa, Sister Marie de la Jerusalem, Marta, Mary, Sister Mary Mother of Faith, Panayiotis, Prabel, Padre Rami, Sergio, Shane, Theodora & Tiziano for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This photo is of La Madonna in San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

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1st December - Sister Marie de la Jerusalem Celeste      

"What I can say about Mary, my mother: Anywhere I am, wherever I am, I feel, I know she’s with me and she’s in my heart, and united with her, I know that I remain calm, in the tranquility, and I love her."

Sister Marie de la Jerusalem Celeste is from the French Caribbean.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd December 2012:

"Dear children, with motherly love and motherly patience anew I call you to live according to my Son – to spread his peace and his love – so that as my apostles you may accept God’s truth with all your heart and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Then you will be able to faithfully serve my Son and show his love to others with your life. According to the love of my Son and my love, as a mother, I strive to bring all of my stray children into my motherly embrace and to show them the way of faith. My children, help me in my motherly battle and pray with me that sinners may become aware of their sins and repent sincerely. Pray also for those whom my Son has chosen and consecrated in his name. Thank you."

2nd December - Ella      

"I love Mother Mary very much."

Ella is from Georgia and gives her something about Mary in English & Georgian.

3rd December - Feast of St Francis Xavier - Father Francis      

"Our Lady takes our hand and places our hand into that of her Divine Son. May she pray for us all that one day all of us will be made worthy of the promises of her son, Jesus Christ."

Father Francis is from Salford diocese in England.

4th December - Feast of St John Damascene - Prabel      

"Through Mary it is a great step to go near to Jesus because she is next to Jesus, she is always near to Jesus, and she can help us to be with Jesus."

Prabel is from India.

5th December - Mary      

"Mary protects me with her brown mantle of humility."

Mary is 20 & from North Dakota in the United States.

6th December - Feast of St Nicholas - Marta      

"I am especially touched by Mary's humbleness and by her yes to the lord. She didn’t know when she said yes to the Lord what was coming. And neither do I sometimes, I just in trust know that I have to say yes to the Lord, also as a missionary in the world, and when I do it together with Mary I am stronger, and the Holy Spirit works in ways that I cannot even imagine."

Marta is 32 & from Slovenia; she gives her something about Mary in English & Slovenian.

7th December - Feast of St Ambrose of Milan - Tiziano      

"I pray to Mary every night and when I need to call her in my life. 

Io prego a Maria tutte le sere … La Madonna è parte integrante della confessione cattolica e il cattolicesimo ha la sua sede propria qui a Roma. Quindi la Madonna è qui a Roma."

Tiziano is 29 & from Ostia, Rome.

8th December - Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception - Monsignor Francesco      

"Papa Woytyla era un Papa mariano: Totus Tuus. Ho avuto tutti i miei anni qui con lui, con la Madonna. E poi anche questo papa qui, Papa Benedetto, anche lui è  un grande devoto della Madonna. Ogni giorno lui van alla Grotta di Lourdes con i due segretari per la recita del rosario."

Monsignor Francesco is from Italy.

9th December - Father Benjamin      

"Consecration to Mary is a beautiful devotion and is one of the most powerful things you’ll ever do."

Father Benjamin is from America.

10th December - Feast of Our Lady of Loreto - Maria-Teresa      

"Maria è una dolcissima presenza nella mia vita che mi ha accompagnato col sua amore e mi ha coperto e protetto col suo mantello."

Maria-Teresa is from Rome.

11th December - Panayiotis      

"The Virgin Mary is a work of life, life itself, the Mother of Jesus and of everybody else."

Panayiotis, from Greece, gives his something about Mary in English & Greek. Panayiotis has displayed in his shop this very beautiful painting of the Madonna and Child, in honour of whom he has had music composed.

12th December - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the New Evangelisation, of the Unborn & of the Americas - Colleen      

"To me Mary is my mother. She is my model as a woman and my inspiration to do everything that the Lord wills of me."

Colleen is 19 & from North Dakota in the United States of America.

13th December - Hannah      

"The Blessed Virgin Mary for me is the blessed heavenly Mother that we have that we also call to in need to help us at times of difficulty."

Hannah is from Oxford, England.

14th December - Feast of St John of the Cross - Marco      

"The Blessed Virgin Mary is very special for me. Whenever I think of her I always remember how Our Lord gave her to us as a gift, while he was hanging on the Cross, as a mother. "

Marco is 25 & from Oxford, England.

15th December - Francis      

"I know Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, I believe she's the mother of Christ, our Lord Saviour. I respect her as a mother and I believe she is the mother of all. Some of what I know about her: she is a virgin, she conceived by the Holy Spirit and she gave birth to Jesus Christ our Lord who came and saved us from our sins, and I love her as a mother."

Francis is 27 & from Liberia; he gives his response in English & Ibu.

16th December - Alessandro      

"Sono molto, molto, molto devoto alla Vergine Maria. La Madonna mi ha sempre protetto da quando sono nato, e invoco sempre Lei nei momenti di difficoltà, nei momenti che praticamente mi chiedono il suo aiuto. Io confido sempre nella sua grazia, perché la Madonna ama tutti, ci vuole bene e non finisco mai di lodarla per tutto quello che mi concede, che mi ha dato."

Alessandro is from Italy.

17th December - Alison      

"What Mary means to me: she is a symbol of strong femininity, she helps me realise what all women are called to be and helps me realise my need to serve Our Lord in however He calls me."

Alison is 19 & from the United States.

18th December - Alexy      

"We started to pray the rosary every day and asking for the intercession of Mary .. and asked God what we wanted and our dreams .. On the 13th May (Feast of Our Lady of Fatima), we received everything we asked… Everything that we asked from God, we received and I think Mary helped us with this, she prayed with us. Amen"

Alexy is 22 & from Kazakhstan; he gives his response in English & Russian.

19th December - Frederique      

"Mary is more a mother to me than my own mother.

Marie est plus mère pour moi que ma propre mère."

Frederique is from France & gives her quelque chose de Marie in English & French.

20th December - Shane      

"Mary is my spiritual mother and my help to get to Jesus."

Shane is 27 & from the States.

21st December - Claire      

"Pour moi, Marie c’est le soutien de tous les instants, quand on est pressé, quand on s'est pas compris, c'est vraiment notre mère et notre soutien pour nous conduire vers Jesu."

Claire is 22 & from France.

22nd December - Sister Mary Mother of Faith      

"Our Lady is our mother and she provides everything when we need it, exactly how we need it, and in whatever way is most convenient for us to gain eternal life."

Sister Mary Mother of Faith, of the Sister Servants of the Lord, is 29 & from America.

23rd December - Sergio      

"La Madonna è sempre bella e l’unica al mondo."

Sergio is from Rome.

24th December - Father Rami      

".. "

Father Rami is from Syria and gives his response in Italian and Arabic.

25th December - Christmas Day - Theodora      

"For me, Mary is the holy chosen one, the virgin that God used through his Holy Spirit to give Jesus Christ to the world. The biggest love that God had had to start somewhere and it started in a simple, believing woman. She must have been a beautiful, beautiful faith woman … In faith she was the most beautiful thing God ever saw and in her womb He planted with His Spirit our Saviour Jesus Christ and that makes her worthy to make honour to, because in her we worship this Spirit."

Theodora is from Holland & gives her response in English & Dutch.

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović, 25 December:

Our Lady came with little Jesus in her arms and she did not give a message, but little Jesus began to speak and said: “I am your peace, live my commandments.” With a sign of the cross, Our Lady and little Jesus blessed us together.

La Virgen vino con el Niño Jesús en brazos y no dio ningún mensaje, pero el Niño Jesús comenzó a hablar y dijo: "Yo soy vuestra paz, vivan mis mandamientos." Con la señal de la Cruz, la Virgen y el Niño Jesús, juntos, nos bendijeron.

"La Madonna è venuta con Gesù bambino tra le braccia e non ha dato messaggio, ma Gesù bambino ha iniziato a parlare e ha detto: “Io sono la vostra pace, vivete i miei comandamenti." La Madonna e Gesù bambino, insieme, ci hanno benedetto con il segno della croce.

Our Lady's annual message to Jakov in Medugorje, 25 December 2012:

"Dear children, give the gift of your life to me and completely surrender to me so that I may help you to comprehend my motherly love and the love of my Son for you. My children, I love you immeasurably and today, in a special way, on the day of the birth of my Son, I desire to receive each of you into my heart and to give a gift of your lives to my Son. My children, Jesus loves you and gives you the grace to live in His mercy, but sin has overtaken many of your hearts and you live in darkness. Therefore, my children, do not wait, say ‘no’ to sin and surrender your hearts to my Son, because only in this way will you be able to live God’s mercy and, with Jesus in your hearts, set out on the way of salvation."