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Somethings about Mary in May 2013

Many, many thanks to Adriene, Alina, Sisterr Angelina, Carol, Cécile, Claude, Della, Dominic, Gino, Halina, Helen, Helen, Ismael, Italia, Jonas, Judith, Kinga, Maggie, Sorella Manuella, Maria-Grazia, Mary, Mary, Massimo, Michel-Angelo, Nicolaus, Perpetua, Robert, Ronald, Sally, Stuart & Tim for giving their 'something' about Mary.

This XVI century painting of the Madonna & Child is by Daniele da Volterra.

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1st May - Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker - Gino      

"La Madonna è la Mamma di tutte le Mummie"

Gino is from Rome & gives his qualcosa di Maria in Italian.

2nd May - Feast of Saint Athanasius - Judith      

"Mary is for me really important for my life and for my faith because I was born on the day of Mary, which is the Immaculate day, the 8th December, and so she really was all of my life a help for me to believe and especially in difficult moments of my life and my faith, it was easier for me to pray to her to ask her to help me, to ask her to guide me to Jesus."

Judith is 24 & from Germany; she gives her response in English & German.

Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd May 2013:

"Dear children; Anew, I am calling you to love and not to judge. My Son, according to the will of the Heavenly Father, was among you to show you the way of salvation, to save you and not to judge you. If you desire to follow my Son, you will not judge but love like your Heavenly Father loves you. And when it is the most difficult for you, when you are falling under the weight of the cross do not despair, do not judge, instead remember that you are loved and praise the Heavenly Father because of His love. My children, do not deviate from the way on which I am leading you. Do not recklessly walk into perdition. May prayer and fasting strengthen you so that you can live as the Heavenly Father would desire; that you may be my apostles of faith and love; that your life may bless those whom you meet; that you may be one with the Heavenly Father and my Son. My children, that is the only truth, the truth that leads to your conversion, and then to the conversion of all those whom you meet - those who have not come to know my Son - all those who do not know what it means to love. My children, my Son gave you a gift of the shepherds. Take good care of them. Pray for them. Thank you."

3rd May - Feast of the Apostles Ss Philip & James - Michel-Angelo    

".. "

Michel-Angelo is from Cuba & gives his algo acerca Maria in Spanish.

4th May - Feast of the Martyrs of England & Wales - Robert      

"I really came to appreciate the rosary because I realised that when I pray the rosary I’m praying the Gospels, because the rosary is a reflection on the life of Christ and the events in Christ's life from the very unique perspective of Mother Mary, and I feel that that's a perspecitve that's worth taking the time to meditate on because who knew Jesus better than Our Blessed Mother. So, yeh, she's played a very big role in my life. One of my most common intentions during the rosary is 'Mother Mary, please make my heart tender, tenderise my heart.' And I feel like she's definitely helped me in that regard too."

Robert is 24 & from Texas in the United States.

5th May - Easter Sunday in the Orthodox calendar - Helen      

"The Virgin, Our Lady, Mary - I do love her a lot, I constantly pray to her. I am very grateful to her for all her blessings and all her protection that she is constantly giving to me."

Helen is from Russia & gives her без ума от Мэри in English & Russian.

6th May - Feast of St Dominic Savio - Maria-Gracia      

"Io prego sempre, prego a casa, prego sempre. Io sono molto devoto alla Madonnina e a Gesù e speriamo il Signore e la Madonnina danno la pace a tutto il mondo."

Maria-Gracia is from Italy & gives her qualcosa di Maria in Italian.

7th May - Nicolaus      

"Mary helps us every day."

Nicolaus is from Germany & gives his something about Mary in English & German.

8th May - Ismael      


Ismael is a seminarian with the Legionaries of Christ, from Mexico; he gives his algo acerca de María in Spanish.

9th May - Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord - Claude      

"La Vierge Marie est la mère du Seigneur mais je suis sûr qu'il me l'a donné, à moi aussi, pour mère parce que quand je suis dans la difficulté je comprends dans la foi, je prie toujours le chaplet à la Vierge Marie et je reçois toujours de l'aide."

Claude is from France & gives his quelque chose de Marie in French.

10th May - Dominic      

"So I really do feel close to Mary now and I feel her presence and I’m still learning all the time but to me I know now she’s my mother."

Dominic is 27 & from North London.

11th May - Carol      

"Mary means the love of the world . . and we must help, aid her in spreading her love to all children on earth."

Carol is from Ireland.

12th May - World Communications Day - Maggie      

"Mary, my blessed mother, is my reason for hope and faith in the Catholic Church and in the world."

Maggie is from Ireland.

13th May - Feast of Our Lady of Fatima - Helen      

"For me, Mary is love. And that’s the only word I will say: just love, pure love."

Helen is from Nigeria & took the name 'Our Lady of Fatima' for her confirmation name.

14th May - Feast of St Matthias the Apostle - Cécile      

"Cette expérience que j’ai vécue à Lourdes m’a vraiment fait comprendre que c’est la Vierge Marie qui pouvait nous conduire notre chemin de sainteté. Jusque-là j'avais pas vraiment reçu  la Vierge Marie comme un modèle de sainteté, comme une guide, comme une mère, pour moi elle m'était plus tôt étrangère. A partir de ce moment j'ai compris que le Seigneur avait voulu passer a travers cette femme pour vraiment nous toucher par sa grâce. Donc, depuis, j'essaie de développer cette amiliarité avec la Vierge Marie parce que je sens que dès que je m'approche de la Vierge Marie, je m'approche de son fils."

Cécile is 22 & from France; she gives her quelque chose de Marie in French.

15th May - Italia      

"Holy Mary means everything to me. She's always been a mother, she's never left me. Since the day I came to Italy, she's still with me. She's always been there for me, through good things and bad times."

Italia is from South Africa.

16th May - Sister Manuella      

"Per me Maria è stata sicuramente come la strada che mi porta subito a Gesù."

Sorella Manuella is from Italy & gives her qualcosa di Maria in Italian.

17th May - Kinga      

"I think Our Lady is always asking us to say the rosary daily because she wants to offer us her protection. She’s won this by all the suffering that she has been through, that she can win from Our Lord all the graces that we need, He'll never refuse her."

Kinga is from England.

18th May - Feast of St Leonard Murialdo - Della      

"I think of Our Lady as my mother, as the mother in the Church. She is for me the mother who is really nurturing me and caring for me in my spiritual life and my faith. And I always say to my children ‘I am your mother but if anything should happen to me, your true mother is Mary.’"

Della is from England.

19th May - Feast of Pentecost - Jonas      

"I asked God, ‘What is love?’ Every day I went to pray the rosary beneath the statue of our mother, and slowly, slowly for each time I did it, -two, three times a day for 14 days - a feeling of love grew inside my breast, my chest. While I was walking around in the area of meditation, I said 'This is unbelievable.' In silence and solitude, I heard the voice of Our Mother talking to me. And it went on and it was so silent and so fragile that if I even sort of thought or was distracted by the smallest thing, I could lose it. But the voice of a mother and the feeling of love returned constantly all the time while I was asking for it."

Jonas is from Sweden.

20th May - Mary       

"Mary is our mother in the Church."

Mary is from Ghana.

21st May - Tim      

"Just as Our Lady formed Jesus in her womb, she forms Christians in her heart. As Vatican II has taught and it’s hidden in Scriptures, she is the Mother of the Church, so she is our mother as well. She forms Jesus in us."

Tim is from Canada.

22nd May - Feast of St Rita of Cascia - Sister Angelina      


Sorella Angelina is from Italy & gives her qualcosa di Maria in Italian.

23rd May - Halina      

"Our Lady is the best mother."

Halina is from Poland & gives her response in English & Polish.

24th May - Massimo      

"La Madonna è qualcosa di meravigliosa e crediamo nella Madonna come segno di pace."

Massimo is from Rome & gives his qualcosa di Maria in English & Italian.

25th May - Feast of St Bede the Venerable - Alina      

"Our Lady is the best mother for me and she’s my guardian."

Alina is from Poland & gives her response in English & Polish.

Our Lady of Medjugorje's message to Marija Pavlović, 25 May 2013:

“Dear children! Today I call you to be strong and resolute in faith and prayer, until your prayers are so strong so as to open the Heart of my beloved Son Jesus. Pray little children, pray without ceasing until your heart opens to God’s love. I am with you and I intercede for all of you and I pray for your conversion. Thank you for having responded to my call”

“¡Queridos hijos! Hoy los invito a ser fuertes y decididos en la fe y en la oración, hasta que sus oraciones sean tan fuertes que abran el Corazón de mi amado Hijo Jesús. Oren hijitos, oren sin cesar hasta que vuestro corazón se abra al amor de Dios. Yo estoy con ustedes e intercedo por todos ustedes y oro por su conversión. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Oggi vi invito ad essere forti e decisi nella fede e nella preghiera affinché le vostre preghiere siano tanto forti da aprire il cuore del mio amato Figlio Gesù. Pregate figlioli, senza sosta affinché il vostro cuore si apra all’amore di Dio. Io sono con voi,  intercedo per tutti voi e prego per la vostra conversione. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”

26th May - Feast of the Most Holy Trinity - Mary      

"Being named after the Virgin Mary has given me the privilege of knowing that she's there for us when you cry unto her. As a mother, she knows how to look after us and our children and all our family."

Mary is from Ghana.

27th May - Feast of St Augustine of Canterbury - Perpetua      

"I have a great devotion to the rosary."

Perpetua is from England.

28th May - Sally      

"What I know about our Blessed Mother Mary is that she is the purest daughter of God, and she grew in holiness, wisdom of God."

Sally is from Nigeria.

29th May - Adriene      

"Mary is special to me because she gave birth to someone who sacrificed himself for us, and without Mary doing that, Jesus wouldn’t have been born."

Adriene is from Georgia in the USA.

30th May - Feast of Corpus Christi - Ronald      

"To me the Lady is more than a mother to all of us. Whenever I’m praying the rosary it’s her because to me she’s the most beautiful person who ever existed, she's God's masterpiece. She received all blessings, all favours, all graces, and the reason I pray to her is that she may get me some of those graces that I really need so that I may one day also join up there with Jesus Christ, as just we say in the glorious mysteries, especially the fifth one. That's the reason I pray to her but she's more than a mother - I could take a whole year just talking about Mary."

Ronald is 30 & from Kenya.

31st May - Feast of the Visitation of Mary - Stuart      

"I can say so much about Mary in my life. I owe my faith to Mary. … Let Mary hold you, as she has me. Let her hold you and let her lead you, because she always leads you to her Son, the King, our dear Lord Jesus. Mary, I thank you. Amen."

Stuart is 41 & from England. He is the creator and host of Island of Saints on Heart Gives unto Heart Radio.