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Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje, 2nd April 2019:

"Dear children, as a mother who knows her children, I know that you are crying out for my Son. I know that you are crying out for truth, for peace, for that which is pure and not deceptive. That is why I, as a mother, through the love of God, am addressing you and calling you that, by prayer and a pure and open heart within yourselves, you may come to know my Son - His love, His merciful heart. My Son saw beauty in all things. He seeks the good in all souls - even that which is little and hidden - so as to forgive evil. Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, I am calling you to adore Him, to ceaselessly give Him thanks, and to be worthy. Because He has spoken to you divine words, the words of God, the words which are for all and forever. Therefore, my children, live joy, radiance, unity and mutual love. This is what you need in today's world. In this way you will be apostles of my love. In this way you will witness my Son in the right way. Thank you."

19th April - Good Friday - Mia      

"We have been speaking about the grace of faith and the strength that faith gives you when you leave everything in the hands of Holy Mary … The power of prayer is everything. Without prayer, there is no life .. Life is love and life is prayer."

Mia is from Argentina (she's half Italian) and gives her response in English & Spanish.

20th April - Holy Saturday - Stephanie      

"I have been today at a memorial of somebody who I can see has been in his last hours surrounded by Our Holy Lady, and what she did was (I can almost picture it) she took her coat and laid it over him and like this he totally got into peace and she took him with her. And that’s the reason I can almost walk out of here in a dance because that is a joyful way of going to heaven."

Stephanie is from Austria.

21st April - Easter Sunday - Manuel      

"Mary is the patron of our country for almost 400 years now and she has managed to protect us and safeguard us; without this intercession we probably would not be an independent country. And she keeps protecting us through the ages, through all these hardships that we have, like from forest fires to political and economic crises, and she’s always there to listen to our needs. Since she has this enormous heart that keeps us in her embrace and safe, she has also given us an example of how we ourselves should behave and do the same for others, and this is why we can never be grateful enough for what she has been doing for us."

Manuel is from Portugal and gives his response in English & Portuguese.

22nd April - Easter Monday - Kate      

"What Mary means to me is she’s my rock. My life has been up and down, and in my times of distress and painfulness I have relied on Mary for everything."

Kate is from Bodmin in Cornwall, England.

23rd April - Easter Tuesday - Arlene      

"Our Lady for me, since the death of my mother, is my mother now and I depend on her for everything. She walks with me, day in and day out. I always tell her when I need help, ‘Our Lady you need to put your apron on and come and help me.’"

Arlene is from Uganda.

24th April - Easter Wednesday - Maria      

"I am so grateful to bear the name of the Mother of Our Lord, born on Christmas Eve, and I feel so protected and I feel very close to her."

Maria is from Austria & gives her response in English & German.

Our Lady's message to Marija Pavlović, Medjugorje, 25 April 2019

"Dear children! This is a time of grace, a time of mercy for each of you. Little children, do not permit that the wind of hatred and peacelessness rule in you and around you. You, little children, are called to be love and prayer. The devil wants peacelessness and disorder, but you, little children, be the joy of the risen Jesus who died and resurrected for each of you. He conquered death to give you life, eternal life. Therefore, little children, witness and be proud that you have resurrected in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call"

“Queridos hijos! Este es un tiempo de gracia, un tiempo de misericordia para cada uno de ustedes. Hijitos, no permitan que el viento del odio y del desasosiego reine en ustedes y a su alrededor. Ustedes, hijitos, son llamados a ser amor y oración. El diablo desea el desasosiego y el desorden, pero ustedes, hijitos, sean el gozo de Jesús Resucitado que murió y resucitó por cada uno de ustedes. Él ha vencido la muerte para darles la vida, la vida eterna. Por eso, hijitos, testimonien y siéntanse orgullosos de haber resucitado en Él. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado."

"Cari figli! Questo è tempo di grazia, tempo di misericordia per ciascuno di voi. Figlioli, non permettete che il vento dell’odio e dell’inquietudine regni in voi e attorno a voi. Voi, figlioli, siete invitati ad essere amore e preghiera. Il diavolo vuole l’inquietudine e il disordine ma voi, figlioli, siate la gioia di Gesù Risorto il quale è morto e risorto per ciascuno di voi. Lui ha vinto la morte per donarvi la vita, la vita eterna. Perciò, figlioli, testimoniate e siate fieri di essere risorti in Lui. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata."

28th April - Divine Mercy Sunday - Christine      

"When I think of Mary I think of the details, the things that she did every day: cooking in the kitchen, talking to her neighbours, being a member of a community. And I’m wondering what it must have been like to have her in the community. I imagine she was a very positive person … someone who had a calmness about her .. to do what she did to follow her Son, knowing that He had a path that was so mysterious that she couldn't do anything but follow him and pray for him and try to be the best mother she could."

Christine is from the United States.

29th April - Feast of St Catherine of Siena - Helena      

"Mary is a strong person and her presence in our lives is very important to guide us on a certain path. She is the powerful and understanding mother. Have faith and confidence in Our Lady because she will point us to a certain path where God and his Son are there."

Helena is 24 & from Timor-Leste; she gives her response in English and Tetum.

30th April - Feast of St Joseph Cottolengo - Norlean      

"María es Madre sobre todo."

Norlean is from Madrid & gives her response in Spanish.