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Blessed Josaphat Chichkov

Priest, Assumptionist, Martyr - from Bulgaria
Born on 9 February 1884 in Plovdiv & baptised Robert Matthew
From large family of fervent Latin Rite Catholics
Took religious name of Josaphat
Studied philosophy & theology in Louvain, Belgium, & ordained a priest at Malines on 11 July 1909
Arrested in December 1951 by the Communist militia
Shot along with Kamen Vitchev & Pavel Djidjov by firing squad on 11 November 1952
Beatified along with Kamen Vitchev & Pavel Djidjov on Trinity Sunday 2002 by Pope St John Paul II
Feast day - 11th November

"We seek to do as well as we can in order to sanctify ourselves without seeming to do so."