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Responses to Totus2us podcasts given by Colombians with names beginning with A - J.  Respuestas a los podcasts de Totus2us dadas por colombianos con nombres que comienzan con A - J.

Many thanks to you all - Muchas gracias a todos  ♥


"Mary is my mother - the Mother of God and my mother."

Alba gives her something about Maria in English & Spanish.


"La Virgen María es la madre santísima de Dios, nuestra Madre, que me acompaña todo el tiempo."


"Mary is like my mother, as well as the mother of Jesus. We are brothers of Christ and also He is our God, so she is a really special person in our Catholic faith."

Alvaro gives his algo acerca de María in English & Spanish.


"Our Lady is a mother for me and for all people in the world. But sometimes we think that she is very far from us but she is very close to our hearts. So I invite you to pray more with her because she is the key of heaven and the key of the heart of Jesus."

Angela gives her something about Maria in English & Spanish. She is a lay missionary of the Colombian community Pilgrims of Love.

Angela speaks about her experience at World Youth Day 2008      

"At WYD Sydney everything was full of joy, all people in the street singing praises to the Lord, we welcomed the Pope. In every moment we were enjoying every part of it. I know that from that journey something changed in me. I came back home with a consciousness of what the Church is about and I am part of it.And with a fire in my heart that wanted to share this with more people."


"The Virgin Mary is the Mother of God and our mother.

La Santísima Virgen María es la reina de la paz en el mundo entero… es nuestra Señora del Santo Rosario."


"Mary protects us and gives us the light to brighten our path."


"We honour Mary as our Mother of Perpetual Succour, ever ready to help us, always there when we need her and ever gracious in listening and answering our prayers."


"To me the Virgin Mary is just the fast lane towards God the Father."

Christian gives his something about Maria in English & Spanish.


"I recently went to Guadalupe and I had an amazing experience of really encountering Our Lady, the mother of Christ but also my mother."


"For me in that like beginning again to know my faith, it was very important the role of Mary, because I started to pray the rosary again, to be able to know that Mary was my mother. I didn't know that and that sounds incredible but really changed my life and I think she was the path to Jesus, to be again in the Catholic Church, to be able to stay in the Catholic Church, because when I started at the age of 15 to rediscover my faith, I never turned back. I am a Catholic, now I'm a lay missionary, I'm serving the Church and I think Mary was the key to be able to do that."

Diana gives her Hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish. She is a lay missionary of the Colombian community Pilgrims of Love.


"Maria is a woman who is very special for us in our country and in our culture, because she represents how special women are in our lives, not only as mothers but also as girlfriends, sisters; and that part of our life which makes us feel like we need to protect the person who gave us our life and the person for whom we dream and fall in love for.."

Eduardo gives his Hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish.


"For me the Virgin Mary is everything. Through my entire life she has been with me because my mother is a person who loves her with her whole spirit and soul, so I have learned that from my mum. And for me as well she has been a companion in all my life."

Francisco gives his Hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish.


"Mary has been everything for me in my life. Especially one moment when I was very upset, I had problems with my family, I felt her presence in my life. She was like the lovely mother carrying me with her hands, and then I sorted out the problems. I just love her and I am grateful to her for being with me during all my life. .. Gracias María."

Gina gives her Hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish.


"I want to tell everybody I am very happy because I know Maria, and I want to know her more because she helps me. I feel her help in every day of my life. I love Maria and Jesus."

Janet gives her Hablemos de Maria in English & Spanish.


"Our Lady means to me so much. She is my refuge, my protector. She's the one who always has led me into the good ways whenever I haven't been very good. She will always be with me now until the end, and the day of judgement she will be there with me as well.

La Virgen para mí significa mucho . Es mi madre, mi protectora."

Julian was a pilgrim to Medjugorje          en español  

"I went as a pilgrim to Medjugorje 5 years ago with my fiancé … At the beginning I was sceptical about Medjugorje since in Latin America we never heard about the apparitions. But once I was there, my first impression was to see around 30 cubicles with priests speaking in many languages and receiving people for confession, day after day, hour after hour. That made me realise that if God is calling so many people to conversion and repentance, the work of the Holy Spirit must be in that place and especially the one with Our Lady."


"Mary was really strong when her own child died but she was also really sad, but she knew it was the right thing for him to do, like to take away all our sin. She actually really inspires me a lot."

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Totus tuus ego sum et omnia mea tua sunt.
Accipio te in mea omnia. Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria. - St Louis de Montfort

Papa San Juan Pablo II  tomó su lema Totus Tuus de esta cita.

"Estoy totalmente tuyo y todo lo que tengo es tuyo.
Te acepto por mi todo. Oh María, dame tu corazón.”