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Saint Josemaría Escrivá     

Matthew, who's 23 & a seminarian from the USA: "The reason I admire St Josemaría Escrivá, look up to him so much, is because I encountered his writings when I was younger and he introduced me to Our Lord when I was still in school. What really attracted me was his message to look for holiness in the ordinary events of daily living. As a student that was like perfect, because I was involved in sports and family life and friends and school, and so it was like 'Oh, I'm called to be holy even though I'm doing all these other things too.'"

Santo Josemaría Escrivá (9 January 1902 – 26 June 1975) - from Spain. Beatified on 17 May 1992 & canonized on 6 October 2002 by Blessed Pope John Paul II. Major shrine - Our Lady of Peace, Prelatic Church of Opus Dei in Rome. Feast day - 26 June.